Fingerprint & Keypad Lock by IPSA products


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Basic Function of Hotel Electronic Lock

1. Pure Alloy mechanical rational structure
enable for using more than 10 years.

2. Easy to replace batteries, only take few seconds.

3. Using 4×1.5V standard alkaline batteries.

4. Unlock ways: Fingerprint or Keypad or Mechanical

5. The red users can be deleted individually without
effect on the application of the other users.

6. If the ngerprint is not input correctly. The handle is
free handle; it can provide the door against opening
by force, and prolong the using of the mechanism of
the lock.

7. Fingerprint user capacity 150 and password capacity

8. Especially suitable for installation by nonprofessionals.

9. A special hood is adopted to protect the ngerprint
reader which is the most important part of the
ngerprint door lock.

10. Just need to pull up the hood and put the ngerprint
on the reader to open the door. No need to input
the passwords by pressing the several buttons of the


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